A student must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in order to remain in training. SAP is cumulative in that it includes all periods of attendance; and all periods of attendance are counted toward the maximum time frame allotted. SAP is applied to all students equally and measured weekly in all programs. In order to comply with the California Science and Technology University’s satisfactory academic progress policy, the student must:

  • Be enrolled in a program of study with a valid enrollment agreement
  • Complete his/her program within the maximum time allowed. Maximum time allowed is 150% of the published program length.
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance.

For a credit hour program, the credit hours attempted cannot exceed 1.5 times the credit hours required to complete the program. The school is not required to terminate the enrollment of a student who is unable to complete the program within the maximum timeframe unless the school has determined that the student has failed to meet school policies that would otherwise warrant termination (e.g., academic progress or attendance policies). For the purposes of reporting student achievement, the school may not classify students who do not complete the program within the maximum timeframe as graduates.

At CSTU all the students’ grades and evaluations are based on demonstrated performance during each course and the level of academic knowledge gained during the course. The grading will consist of letter grades of A through F with grade points as indicated in this catalog. Additional elements of essays, problems, projects and case studies will receive letter grades from the faculty based on the grading rubric established by the CSTU. Each course is based on a total of 100 maximum points.

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