The emerging technology training program is designed for students who have some professional experience in the high-tech industry. CSTU offers a friendly atmosphere and a variety of training programs that provide the training for the technologies needed for high-tech firms in Silicon Valley, especially the latest cutting-edge technologies, hence students can keep up with the advance of the fast-growing high-tech industry.

Program Length: 8 months

Semester Credit Hours: 12

Program Objectives:
  • To provide each student the best education by tailoring each student’s study plan based on the student’s background and interests.
  • To provide in-depth professional training with industry current learning resources to the student.
  • To provide relevant laboratory experience throughout each program as an integral part of the education.
  • To nurture a learning environment which leads to professional values recognizing high quality and integrity in a true engineer.
  • To provide graduate students an opportunity to pursue advanced training and professional development to practice their profession with increased competence.

The Emerging Technology Training Program can include either MSCSE or MBA courses, depending on the background of the student. Selected coursework may lead graduates to obtain MBA related jobs (data science training applied to business) or MSCSE related jobs (artificial intelligence and data science applied to engineering problems).

Example entry level jobs:  data analyst, junior data engineer, data engineers, marketing analyst
Example senior (higher) level jobs:  data scientist, senior marketing analyst, marketing manager/director

Graduation Requirements The number of courses required for the Emerging Technology Training Program is three courses plus a capstone course or four courses. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students after completing the program. California Science and Technology University does not have a cumulative final test or examination required for the completion of any of its programs.

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