CSTU does not guarantee employment to any student upon graduation. CSTU does provide all graduates with assistance regarding placement opportunities, resume preparation, job search assistance and interview counseling and advising concerning job search and job interview techniques. Placement assistance is available to all graduates of the institution. Additionally, CSTU is required under California law to track placement of its graduates for a period of up to 6 months upon completion of their program and to verify placement 2 months after employment.

As a key component of Student Services, career placement services help the students in the following areas: (1) Prepare resumes and sharpen interview skills, (2) Conduct career seminars and job fairs, (3) Identify the students’ strengths and interests and provide career advice, (4) Provide internship opportunities to the students, and (5) Provide library materials and an online tool for the students to gain access to various sources of job related information. The Student Services in collaboration with the library, provides the students with access to a collection of books, articles, magazines, and brochures about employment opportunities. Employment information can be found on the online job posting board through the eCareer Center on the CSTU Online Service Center site. The service provides career planning and job search assistance prior to and after students’ graduation.

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